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[Untitled (Kiepenkerl series)], 2001
Ink and acrylic on paper, 21cm x 30cm

I exhibited the The Kiepenkerl series at my degree show at the Royal College of Art in 2001. The series (apart from one drawing) was the result of a single night's feverish work (though I told my my tutors not to say this too loudly). I suffered from terrible creative block at the RCA and faced the prospect of not having any work I was happy with for my final show. I determined to not go to bed one night until I'd done something (anything). The first images I made were based on photographs from a book about the Second World War, but very soon the unlovely figure of the Kiepenkerl coalesced as the central character. ('Kiepenkerl' is a German dialect term for a basket carrying hawker and I remembered seeing the famous statue of the Kiepenkerl in Münster as a teenager). I'm still fond of this ragged piece of work.